Me, Myself & I: Amanda Hay (Bio)

Hay there! My name is Amanda Hay, currently, a senior-level student attending Appalachian State University with the goal of obtaining a BA degree in Social Studies Education. In December of 2000, I was born in Snellville, Georgia where I lived a good majority of my childhood until my immediate family moved to Mooresville, North Carolina in 2009. I have grown up with a love for learning and guidance from my mother who currently works as an elementary and intermediate music school teacher, as well as a private piano instructor at our family home. I decided that I wanted to be involved in Appalachian State University for my degree due to the school’s focus and heavy investment in the education field, as well as the beautiful Boone area.

Aside from my studies, I am someone who utilizes my time for work as a delivery driver as well as involving myself in my hobbies such as art, video creation, trying out different coffee shops in the area (and collecting stickers of their logos), playing guitar and piano, and occasionally watching videos of my favorite YouTubers whenever I have extra time.

When I was on the London Eye in England! (2018)
My family’s dog Toby (He recently turned 14)!