8 Student Centered Classrooms

In my time as a history student I had very few student centered classrooms and I think that is a real loss for not only me as a learner but everyone without a very active classroom. In all my history classes growing up I honestly feel like even the best of them weren’t really trying and where just telling me what they needed me to know so I could pass the exam coming up. Maintaining student interest in a classroom setting is always gonna be challenge and every kid is not gonna be interested in whatever you are doing. This is a pit fall of any classroom environment and 60% of kids not being engaged in lectures is not suspiring for one simple fact. I myself was never engaged in any lecture that I ever had to participate in. So the question exists if lectures aren’t enough what do you do to keep students interested in what you do. You need to lure student sin with something interesting or that they can relate to or you wont ever be able to get them to care about frankly anything. Without a reasonable hook students wont be engaged in the class at all and at that point you may as well be speaking to a brick wall. Its important to suck students in with something interesting without that you really don’t even deserve to have there attention. if you cant think of something to cut through the absolute bombardment of white noise they receive every day than you should probably choose a different profession. Physically present students isn’t the only important thing you are going for there is a lot that goes into making an engaging classroom environment and it only begins with making people show up as well. Yes its important for students to show up for safety reasons but its most important that they be engaged and I love how the readings this week give insight into that. Overall a worth while read and a quality source of reading.