Digital Experts

Technology’s advancements over the past half-century have been incredible and revolutionary in how we can connect to information. However, with that advancement has come a problem, a problem that seems to be more relevant today than ever before: the problem of fake news and inaccurate sources. This is especially hard for educators to deal with in the academic community because of all the vital technology within a young person’s life; students (and adults) need to know the value of Digital Literacy. This article by Usable Knowledge gives excellent advice on a few tips that can turn the average person into a fact-checker.

  1. Read Laterally, Not Vertically
  2. Don’t Fall for Appearances
  3. Practice “Click Restraint”

Those three simple tips are great tools that we should be teaching our students not only to allow them to learn the content of our lessons but also to become well-rounded citizens in this social media age.

~Andrew Westmoreland (Nov. 2022)