Nathaniel Mashburn

Digital tools are a very important aspect of every single modern classroom this much is obvious. To not use the massive amounts of resources we have at our disposal would be a pointless exercise. But using these things correctly is a struggle on its own. If used incorrectly or if a poor tool is chosen than you can derail an entire days lesson. So picking good tools is certainly the most important facet of this. A good tool used correctly can be used to completely change how a student views the topic you are presenting them. Good information though is the holy grail of any educators arsenal.

Finding information online can be daunting and there is plenty of fake information out there. There is enough fake information out there for a life times worth of terrible papers and poorly planned out tests. But as the years have gone on disinformation has proven to only be getting worse and worse. While the internet used to be a lot more reliable the amount of biased and false things being spread on it has only grown. Teaching students how to get worthwhile solid information is paramount in making sure they can for themselves in the future vet information they hear and decide for themselves if it is credible or not in a non biased logical way.

The way I believe you teach students how to use good sources is to model how it is done for them first. Go over some tips and tricks on finding good information. As well as showing actual examples of bad information being presented to you. As well as the use of discussions on what they believe to be a factual source and what they believe to not be one. Finally one has to show them some sites that are good and reputable as well as telling them general databases they can go to for cited true information. This in my opinion is the best way to teach students digital literacy as it not only helps them to understand the two different types of sources. But also helps them to differentiate between fact and fiction online which in our current climate is only becoming harder and harder.