Teaching in Themes vs. Chronologically

Teaching in themes and teaching chronologically both have their benefits and their weaknesses. One way may work better for one teacher and another might work better for a different teacher it is more about what is better for students. The relatability of the lesson is what matters the most. While yes it is important to teach what happened, showing the why it is important is just as important. Most people say history is just days, time, people, and places, however, there is so much more behind it. There is normally some sort of lesson that needs to be learned or taught. Most times there is other relationships to be made with other classes and even current day events. When looking at history you can not just wear a history hat you have to wear a sociology, geography, and so many other hats at the same time. However, the order of the events that were taking place also holds a lot of important and vital information. For example if we never had the American Revolution first we probably would have not had the Declaration of Independence, AOC, or Constitution. Which are all major documents that we see play in todays government. Finding a healthy balance of both is important. Making sure students understand which events lead to other events but also the major lessons taken from these events.