Teaching Medley

The teaching profession has become one that has become less and less desirable. Whether it is working with kids, the pay, or just coworkers; fewer and fewer people are becoming teachers. This week’s reading offers a window into the head of an interviewer. It gets into the head of the person who is going to hire. What else is better than getting into the mind of someone who is going to hire you? This week’s reading is mostly meant to show us the major points of what a principal is looking for when they are hiring. There are four major points brought up when a principal is looking at hiring. The major points are to be prepared, create a welcoming environment, ask the right questions, and just listen.

So what do all these things have to do with someone who is interviewing? It means that we have a very small and important amount of time with the principal. We need to make sure we use that time wisely and give them what we have to offer. They are looking to fill their open positions with the best people available. This means that it is crucial to answer those questions effectively. When you do this you become more recognizable from the rest. They may ask questions about how you run your class or how you handle misbehavior in the classroom. This could be very important for you since they do not have that much time. Answering questions in a way that is truthful and concise is a way to grab their attention. I think it is important to remember that they want you to fit into their school. Not only do they want you to be an effective teacher but they want you to fit in. They want that missing puzzle piece.

Overall, this whole article applies to me in a few ways. The article wants to make sure that I get that principals have limited time. This makes the hiring process hard. I need to be able to market myself as a good competent perfect fit for the job. If I stick out in the hiring process it means that I will have a higher likelihood of getting the job