Teaching Medley

I have never thought of events that lead into an interview process from the interviewer. I mostly think of how the interviewee has to prepare and be ready for whatever is asked of them, but from this week’s readings I see a new side to the interview process and how there needs to be preparation on both ends. The interviewer needs to know who they are interviewing and they not only want to like and be impressed by the person applying for the job, but they also want the person applying for the job to like and be impressed by the school and the community within.

The principal’s role in an interview is to know the person being interviewed (based off of their resume and cover letter), create a comfortable environment, ask questions, and listen. As a future teacher, if the principal knows certain things from my resume/cover letter then I would immediately feel more comfortable because in my opinion it would feel more like a conversation. If a principal has no clue what I have written on my resume/cover letter then I would feel like I have not been given the time of day and would make me much more nervous in the process of things. These key points all tie into each other and are extremely important for both parties to be happy at the end of it all. The principal should ask the right questions to make sure this person could be a great fit in the school, but above all they must listen. In my opinion, the principal should definitely talk the least in an interview so they can truly get to know this potential future teacher.