Teachers and their views

An instrumental part of being a history teacher is getting the students to think critically about the history you are teaching. While doing this the teacher may have to deal with some forms of debate within the classroom. This puts the teacher in an interesting position because it is important to keep the classroom in a debate rather than an argument. The important thing for the teacher to do is to keep their views and beliefs out of this debate facilitation. There is a fine line between not sharing or pushing your own beliefs and views, while at the same time getting the students to share what they think about different situations. Another important thing to do is to understand the topic before you facilitate a discussion around that. It also comes down to the environment that the teacher creates in their classroom. If the relationships and environment are good enough it will be easy for the students to discuss and open up to talk about it. I have never thought about making sure a debate within the class relates back to the standards for that class. This is something that is very important, but can be easily overlooked. Overall, it is very easy to simplify something such as discussing a controversial topic, but so much thought needs to be put into something like this. It is the teacher’s responsibility to make sure that it leaves a positive impact on the students.