Teachers’ Involvement with Politics

History is a course that can lead to many controversial topics. That in itself should not be considered a bad thing. Many teachers probably fear talking about heavier issues with their students due to how the students may react. I don’t feel that they need to do that, especially if its is the high school level students who actually understand more than we give them credit for. For example, in “How Do Teachers’ Political Views Influence Teaching about Controversial Issues” there is plenty of teachers who admitted that they avoided Roe v. Wade entirely. 

I don’t feel that ignoring a case as huge as Roe v. Wade helps students in any way. Instead, we should be able to talk about a controversial issue such as abortion. However, I can understand the fear of talking about such a heavy topic. For example, talking about abortion in the classroom could cause an uproar in the community. Some school districts have gone as far as to forbid coverage of topics such as this. However, I disagree with that take. Why shouldn’t we teach the future generation about important topics such as abortion? If anything a history teacher may very well be qualified to talk about this topic with the younger generation.

There is also the argument as to whether teachers should say what their political views are to their students. I personally don’t find anything wrong with it but there may need to be a limit. For example if one were to just constantly talk negatively about the opposite party of theirs, it doesn’t help the student. Giving your criticisms of one and maybe talking about criticisms of your own party can be beneficial to the students. 

Talking about both sides in a slightly less controversial manner can lead to the students to have an opinion of their own. Being able to give both sides’ points of view to the students can help them formulate an opinion of their own. If anything I also feel it would push students to participate in a discussion-led class. 

All in all, as long as you aren’t pointlessly name-calling the opposite political party from yours I feel it’s okay to talk about your political views. As long as you don’t show complete bias it can even allow students to discuss their viewpoints in the classroom. Also in regard to controversial topics, I feel we should talk about them with students. These students are the future so hiding them from a “scary topic” isn’t going to benefit them any. It is much better to allow the students to be more familiar with many given topics.