Teaching Tools

This week’s readings provided helpful tools for my future education journey. Items like unit maps, lesson plans, and exit tickets are important to effectively teach standards in the classroom. Another important topic discussed in the readings is that of uncoverage versus coverage. This means that instead of trying to broadly cover topics teachers should focus on the deeper meaning of those events. They should think about how it impacts history and the current world today, instead of just memorizing facts. The idea of uncoverage is something I agreed with and believe that if you take the appropriate amount of time diving into a topic that the lessons you learn could be enough to help you understand the big themes of history. This means that if you took a deep dive into the Industrial Revolution that you might learn enough about American identity and attitude and it will be easier to understand topics like WWII. Something else that I found very important to education was in the document on Unit Maps https://i2hssed.rwanysibaja.com/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/unit-plan-design-ascd.pdf. This document mentions how important it is to time out big grades like projects and exams. If they are placed too close to the quarter mark or the end of semester mark then the students may be less motivated to work as hard. Some may already have an A and say why bother, while others are so far behind they are scared to even try the huge project. This is something that we as teachers must think about when making our unit maps. This week’s readings also helped me understand lesson plans, and gave a helpful example to help us formulate our own. What stuck out to me from that article was the discussion of the two different french teachers in the beginning https://i2hssed.rwanysibaja.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Lesson-Plans_-The-Basis-for-Instruction.pdf. One of the teachers was strict and rude while the other was engaging and kind, but both achieved the same result, the student learned the material effectively. This story is important because it shows that there is not one specific method or way to teach, and that each teacher finds their own unique way to effectively teach.