Higher Level Thinking Skills

Chapter 6 of “Social Studies for the Twenty-First Century” covers three higher-order thinking strategies. These strategies include multiple perspectives, mystery, and controversy. The multiple perspectives strategy looks at one or similar event(s) from more than one point of view. This way there are different perspective that agree and disagree. By doing this students are able to see the world from another perspective. The mystery strategy is powered by the unknown or missing pieces. Lastly, the controversy strategy allows for discussion, because it focuses on morals, justice, and things alike. The one however, that stuck out the most was the mystery strategy. The mystery strategy can offer opportunity for multiple different answers and ideas. It also allows students to be inquisitive and think outside of the box to try to put missing pieces together, rather than to be told what they should and shouldn’t think. This strategy also allows for students to be more engaged. The way this would work within a lesson plan is by giving students a document and then having them fill in the missing pieces. To do this students should be asked specific but open ended questions that point them in a direction without giving them the answer.