PowerPoint is one of the most typical ways to present any topic. It has been used for many teachers over the last couple of decades. In this piece, Tufte brings up how the best way for people to retrieve information is not necessarily through lecture. Someone standing at the front of the room spilling out information is good some of the time, but it is important for there to be a good mix of delivery. Another aspect of this reading that I found interesting is that PowerPoint can be too predictable. How can we expect our students to stay focused and retain the information we are giving them if they know exactly how each class is going to go. They cannot stay interested if the teacher does not do their best to present it in an interesting way. PowerPoint is a good thing to use to give a visual aid for the students but it cannot be the only way that teachers relay information. It is more important to set up a discussion rather than dictate it. It is an important aspect of teaching to incorporate different ways of learning.

One effective way to use PowerPoint could be to simply use images, charts, etc. This allows for personal interpretation of the information rather than just hearing the teachers words, they could listen and relate that information to what they see.