Knowing Your Audience

When teaching your students it is important to remember what stage of life they are in. During your time with them, they are going through some of the most significant changes. Most often students are beginning to become adults or are about to become an adult. Understanding that your students are going through their own struggles and figuring out who they are is incredibly important. It is important throughout this time that you are an asset to your students rather than an obstacle. It is important that you can not only be their teacher but be a person that is there for them and is willing to listen to their problems. It is also important to want to get them involved whether that be in the classroom or in clubs and after-school activities. It is also important to recognize differences among students. With that, it is important to make plans that will best benefit the student rather than the instructor. For example, for gifted and talented students it is important to present more problem solution-based learning. However, for at-risk students, it is better to positively reinforce them, provide them with more attention, and consistently check up on them. Overall, it is important to get to know each and every student. This way you can find ways to best help every student and help them succeed. It is important for students to feel included and valued. This may mean you need to change things you have planned to better fit the students you have. However, it is just important that you think about all students when making plans and decisions so you can best fit everyones needs.