Your Student Audience

Knowing your students is a big part in the role of being a teacher. There will be so many different types of students in the classroom who are all going through very different or very similar things. Students are growing into young adults during this time and they all deal with that in their own way. As a teacher you are supposed to treat them as young adults. An important step in doing that is making sure your students know they are allowed to feel emotional as well as express those emotions because it is a part of life that everyone goes through. Teachers also need to build them up and give them opportunities to let their strengths shine. They are going through a time where they want to be independent and as an authority figure sometimes that includes the teacher, so building that foundation with them and making them feel comfortable will help them engage better in class as well as be more confident in their knowledge.

Teachers need to be able to adapt. Not only will they encounter students that are going through an emotional rollercoaster that is life, but they will also meet students that are on different levels of learning or might need more help than others. Being able to adapt your lesson to fit the needs of all students will make everyone feel included and not left out for “not understanding.” There are gifted students, at-risk students, students with disabilities, etc. They all need that positive reinforcement from the teacher as well as the sense of having someone they can talk to. Yes, a teacher is an authority figure and that is a very important but students also need to know that they have a friend with the teacher. They have a teacher who believes in them and will do anything they can to help them grow in as a young adult and as a learner.