The assessment is a remarkable treasure trove of knowledge that allows educators to get a grasp of where students are at in their level of understanding. They allow for much needed adjustments when a lesson does not go exactly as planned and gives you a sense of how your group of students learn. We know that making well crafted assessments help students tremendously where gains were seen in almost every measurement. The problem is the fact that proper assessment training is hard to come by which is why the dips in quality have continued. So, creating assessments can be difficult if one does not know what to include or exclude. Depending on the goal of the assessment the most important aspect is understanding where as student is at in the lesson. This is most likely going to be a formative assessment which is going to be the most common. I think that the idea of opening up the class for feedback at the end of a lesson or the start of one provides an immense amount of knowledge to the teacher. Students will often provide constructive feedback since it not only affects the instructor but their attitudes as well, and a much more well-crafted lesson suits everyone involved. Online games like Kahoot offer a relatively low stress assessment that allow for competition to add an extra push onto a students quick decision making process while also providing a score for each student that can be used for a data set. Say if a majority of the class missed a question, it likely has nothing to do with the students but has more to say on the effectiveness of coverage for that topic, which allows the instructor to know that changes need to be made. The first step in creating a well-crafted assessment starts with understanding what an assessment is meant to accomplish and what role it plays in the lesson. This is where others seem to struggle with when it comes to creating an assessment, I think that when it comes to this process a backwards design approach is best. It helps to think about where you want the course to end and plot a course of how to get there.