Teaching in an Online Setting

Being in college during the time of Covid was rather tough for me. I couldn’t focus on classes as much because I didn’t have any professor physically in front of me to push me into working on an assignment. I also feel being trapped in my room for what felt like months on end heavily affected my mood and my ability to do homework. While a lot of that was my own fault, I definitely feel Covid did teach teachers some things.

For starters obviously, classes went online. It was a transition process for not only students but for teachers as well. Many teachers had to start using more tools to be able to teach the class in a good enough manner. Zoom became huge during the time of Covid and it worked decent enough for everyone. Teachers could make breakout rooms that allowed students to work with one another and make their own Zoom to communicate with one another. 

I struggled because of my own fault during Covid but if another outbreak was to happen and I was a teacher at the time I feel like the Edutopia website mentioned I would attempt to check in on students. Sure it can be for basic support on assignments but it can also go past that and make sure students are handling the transition to online well. 

One example I liked quite a bit from the article was the one teacher from China. They realized that the students were missing their teachers so the teacher decided to record weekly personal videos for the students. In these videos, they shared feedback and connected to the students on a human level.

That is something teachers can attempt to do if the student will allow it. Attempt to have a closer relationship with your student to be able to help them further in just about anything. Not only does a teacher have to be there for educational reasons but they can also be there for social and emotional learning.