Week 15

Mostly what I think about when thinking about interviewing for a teaching position is how I am perceived. What I hadn’t thought of before is how I should be perceiving the school. The reading, Hiring Good Teachers: The Interview Process goes through it from the interviewer’s perspective, whether that is the principal or the HR department, the school also has to make a good impression on the teacher in order to attract new and quality teachers. In a time where teachers are starting to come at a premium, principals want to make a really good impression on teaching candidates as well as really selling their school. The biggest thing that I got from the reading was that you really need to research your candidates and make sure you have gone through their documents thoroughly. Candidates will know during the interview if you just skimmed over and will feel as if you are not taking them seriously, which could lead to disaster. 

As a teaching candidate myself, this reading helped me see what a good school would look like. It showed what it looks like when a school actually takes the time and takes the effort to get to know you, and it will help me in the future avoid situations that will be bad for me.