Language Demands in 9-12 Social Studies

As teachers we wear many hats so to speak, with one of the most important hats being the job of the communicator. Communication is key in every scenario, but especially when you’re a teacher. The job is all about communicating whether that be the actually lesson or just interacting with your students. Communication is the thread that ties everything together, and if you’re not communicating in the right way it all unravels. Learning how to communicate with your students can be hard at first. but once you learn the right way to speak with your students it will really help.

Besides the basic aspect of communicating, and having to learn how to do that with students there are other ways communications is important. Making sure you are communicating the class material the right way is a massively important task you’ll have to do. It honestly may be the most important. Everything revolves around your communication skills, and how that translates throughout the lesson and class. not every students will be on the same vocabulary and understanding level. Some students may not even speak English well, but that is part of the job. You’ll have to adapt with every group of students. No two groups will be the same. They will each come with their own set of challenges. Learning how to communicate with each and every student in an impactful way is one thing that makes a great educator.