The Importance of Communication

The words that a teacher uses to give feedback will make and break students. However, the first part is getting the student to understand the importance of actually reading the feedback. In David Gooblar’s article “Getting Them to Read Our Comments” he provides a few good strategies on how to get students more engaged. Something that he mentioned was placing less importance on final projects and more importance on the steps to get there. This may look like many different things. Say there is a cumulative semester long assignment like a journal. Rather than focusing on the final participation or completion grade throughout the semester offer opportunities for students to submit their journals for checks. This offers an opportunity for the instructor to leave comments and students the opportunity to make adjustments. However, it is incredibly important to also pay attention to the language that is being used. Teachers should insure that they are writing to their audience. Making sure that they are using the right level of verbiage for each different type of student. Making sure that the responses are thoughtful but get to the point. It is insuring that each students is being given an equal opportunity to succeed. While this may take a few extra minutes to construct comments on every single check point it allows for students to grow, which is far better than anything.