Digital Literacy

Digital Literacy is something everyone should know more about and practice. Digital literacy is the ability of a person to find, evaluate, and communicate ideas through various forms of media across the digital world. It is a practice that overarches everything you do on the internet. In today’s world we have access to more information than ever before. We have the ability to look up anything at any moment in time, but how do you know the information is true? Well that is were digital literacy comes in. Everyone thinks they’re good at technology, and often times people believe whatever they read online. We live in an era where “fake news” is extremely prevalent. It is extremely easy to fake images, articles, or information for a few examples. Digital literacy allows the user to distinguish whether something online is helpful or whether it isn’t.

Teaching our students digital literacy is something the newer generation of teachers will need to focus on. Especially social studies teachers. Sadly it is extremely easy to find fake historical information and not know. Teaching our students how to weed out the sources like that and find the real information is hugely important. Teaching our students key ways to be able to identify sources and websites that are good to use is a practice that will become key in every classroom. When I was in high school it wasn’t a practice we had been taught about. However, in college I was educated on the practice, and it has elevated my research skills, and overall internet using abilities.