Exit Tickets

20 ideas for exit tickets in the classroom – Ditch That Textbook

Exit tickets are an important aspect of every classroom environment. Some people may not even realize that they are implementing an exit ticket in their class. Exit tickets are so important because of all that they can provide, not only for the students but also for teachers. They work as assessments, student analysis, and communication for the teacher. They are a great way to keep the students involved in the classroom even though they know that they are about to leave it.

Simplicity is also important regarding exit tickets because the simplicity of whatever question allows the most room for creativity from the students. The simplicity of the exit tickets is one of the best way to provoke the students to think critically about what they have learned. Short quizzes such as Kahoot! and small surveys like google forms are great ways to get the students to be active, and also give some feedback to the teacher. There are still many ways to provide exit tickets that do not require technology. As mentioned earlier the simplicity is still important. Things such as a hand raising question or using the board to write down a question and potential answers they come up with. Simply using things that allow the students to see what is going on and think critically about it.

Overall, the importance that exit tickets can provide is undeniable. They can be done anywhere, with virtually anything. It is easy yet effective which is why they are so common. A big goal of an exit ticket is to almost make the students forget that they need to leave to go to their next class, making them so in the moment that they enjoy the class. If we can get to that point, then we are effectively using exit tickets.