Good Teaching Attributes

One of my biggest takeaways from this week’s readings is the attributes that schools look for in a “good teacher.” The most important one that I read about is “being prepared.” Preparation is vital to being a successful teacher. Not only does one have to prepare lesson plans, unit maps, tests, quizzes etc. Teachers also have to be prepared to deal with everything that their students may bring into the classroom. This can also be seen within Hiedi Roppes book when describing how to survive and thrive as a first year history teacher. Some of the things included were making a calendar, or writing down the essential questions before beginning units, or lessons. This just solidifies the argument that being prepared is the most important attribute. Another attribute that was mentioned was creating a positive/welcoming environment. This is vital to being a successful teacher as well. Dealing with life, students, and anything else will cause a toll on many teacher, but it is so important that a teacher is able to wipe that all under the table, and bring positive energy to their students. This will help students have a healthy relationship with education, and will help keep the student-teacher relationship amicable. I would say that creating the positive environment is the second most important attribute out of those mentioned. One of the last major attributes the article mentioned is being able to listen. This doesn’t mean that you just nod your head, waiting for the conversation to end, when talking to people. What this means is that you actually pay attention, and well listen. Doing things like maintaining eye contact, or maintaining a steady dialect when speaking. While one can put on a facade when getting an interview, and follow these principles, they would fail as a teacher if they didn’t live up to these attributes. I plan to try and use this advice to further prepare me not only for my interview, but I will try and make these attributes a priority. This will make teaching more enjoyable, and it will benefit my future students more than me.