Teaching Medley

The interview process is the part of my future I have thought about the least. I honestly forget it is something I will have to go through. All the jobs I have had didn’t have a formal interview, so it is not something I have had to go through. Everything I have learned about the interview process, and everything surrounding it has been because of this class. Before this I did not know anything about the process or what to expect, so the readings and class discussions have really helped. People always make the interview process just seem like someone drilling you with work related questions, but it is more than that. It is the time in which you learn more about your potential job, and when they learn more about you. It is a critical process that needs more recognition. Understanding how to use your time in the interview is important. The whole process is so that you and the person interviewing you can figure out if you are a good fit for the job, and knowing how to get to that conclusion is huge. If you and the interviewer are not on the same page then the job isn’t for you. Knowing what to ask to get to the conclusion, and how to answer questions is something I haven’t thought about, but I need to.