Effort? In This Economy?

It’s a good time to go into teaching, relatively speaking. With the shortage going on, the scarcity of this valued service will increase its demand. It should be much easier to find a space open in a place you want to work, and it’s important to remember that if the school is hiring, it wants to hire somebody, and pick the best candidate who will take them.

It’s important not to take it for granted and assume that just because they need more teachers they’re desperate enough to hire anyone. It’s also important to keep in mind that both parties in this scenario want to sell themselves to the other. The teacher wants to show the school that they’re a good teacher, and the school wants to show good teachers that they’re a good school to work for.

There’s a similar relationship with teacher retention. There’s a high turnover rate in education, with many teachers quitting after just a few years. With this in mind, schools will want to incentivize their teachers to stay. However they won’t, or at least shouldn’t, let you get away with anything, and the teacher should still be dedicated to giving high quality lessons and seeking improvement. You can still be let go and replaced if your work is not up to the standards set by the school.