Teaching Medly

One perspective to think about when interviewing is the interviewer’s perspective. While times are changing in the interview candidate pool is decreasing in size the need for teachers is still there. While this does not mean to not try and wing all of your interviews. It does mean it is harder to find qualified candidates. When principles hire they are just like any hiring manager at a store you may have worked at throughout high school, they want the best candidate. They have a pool of people and want to be able to select the best. So it is important to still put your best foot forward and be prepared. You should still show them that though there aren’t many options you are their best choice. By choosing you over all other candidates they are making their best decision yet. Something to also keep in mind while interviewing is understanding that interviews are a very short amount of time in a principles day. So leaving a big impression is important. You should make yourself stand out, you want to be the one they remember and want to follow up with. Lastly, something else to be ready for is questions. Answering questions was always something I struggled with in interviews especially “what do you do when dealing with a difficult coworker?” While there is always one answer they want to hear, how do you make yourself sound different but still professional. This is a great time to mention that you are not a perfect person. By answering questions genuinely it gives you a well rounded look. I will be honest I do not work well with difficult people but it is all about finding the middle ground and putting differences aside and understanding the common goal.